So it’s been four weeks since my fitness journey started and it’s been a bumpy road so far. I had some good days but I would be lying to you if I didn’t say I had some very bad days.

Week 3

This week started off good. Went to the gym twice this week to do my usual weight lifting and cardio session. Of course, I ate my healthy meals too.
However on Wednesday, I started feeling sick. At that moment, my diet went downhill again. Thought I would feel better the next day but felt even worse so wasn’t able to go to the gym three times this week.

Listen to your body

If this was a year ago, I would have pushed myself to go to the gym even when I’m ill. Missing a workout session felt like setting myself back.
I remember the day I felt like crap but still forced myself to go to the gym. A wise person would have a pre-workout snack before going to the gym, as you should. Especially when you’re not feeling well. But guess what, I didn’t eat a thing beforehand. Not even a banana as most people do! Thought I would have enough energy without eating to do my workout as I wasn’t planning to be in the gym for too long.

So I had 5 sets with 5 reps of squats to do and as I was on my third set, I could feel myself getting weak. Was struggling to come back up from squatting down. Bear in mind that this was the period where I just started lifting weight and wasn’t lifting as heavy as I can now. My body was telling me to stop but my mind said “No CynTea, you can do this! You’ve got 2 sets left!” Picture this; I was on my fourth set, squatting up and down. “2 squats left!” is what I was telling myself as a personal trainer would tell you. I squatted down and as I was coming up, my legs were shaking and I was struggling to lift the weight back up. Luckily, two guys came to my rescue to help me get the weight back up. I kid you not, I thought I was really going to drop the weight and hurt myself.

That’s the day I learnt to listen to my body. If you’re not well, it’s okay to miss a day. It’s not a loss. You’re better off staying at home and resting than going to the gym feeling like sh*t and potentially pulling a muscle or hurting yourself. Just continue to eat as healthy as possible when you’re ill so you can just carry on where you stopped when you’re well enough to go to the gym. Now I lift much heavier weights compared to last year so you can only imagine what would have happened if I did not listen to my body. So I ended up cutting my gym week short to avoid another episode of Save CynTea from hurting herself  lol.

Week 4

This week wasn’t the best either. Still wasn’t feeling 100% but managed to go to the gym twice this week. I stayed away from weight lifting this week and only did a 20-minute HIIT cardio session on the treadmill on both days. My diet was quite poor during the week and made me even feel worse. I was super naughty and had more than one cheat meal this week. Ended up getting a lot of take a way *hides face*! But when I started eating my healthy alternatives during the weekend, I started to feel much better. It proofs that the saying ‘You are what you eat’ isn’t a lie.

So if you’re ill and feel weak, just take a day off. Your health is more important than a workout. Focus on recovering and getting better so you can get your butt back in the gym lol.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x




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