It’s been 2 weeks since I started taking my fitness and diet more seriously and surprisingly I haven’t suffered from a lot of withdrawal symptoms lol. I’m a bit shocked as I underestimated myself a bit.

The Binge Eating Period

I have a confession to make… About four weeks ago so roughly two weeks before I started my #60DaysUntilSunshine fitness journey, I was already working on taking my fitness more serious. It was a complete disaster as things would go well at the beginning of the week but eventually ended up relapsing in the weekend. When Friday comes about, it was as if my mind would tell my stomach that it was okay to have a couple of drinks and to treat myself to some cake and of course some junk food as well.
“Why not, you deserve it!” is what I was telling myself knowing fully well that I shouldn’t be drinking nor eating all this junk.

What made it more difficult was the fact that I had a lot of events to attend, from a birthday party to an engagement party and very spontaneous last minute outings. I even went on holiday to Portugal during that time. You can already tell from my agenda that this period involved a lot of unhealthy eating. I even tried my best to eat as healthy as possible by moving my cheat meal to the day I had birthdays or gatherings scheduled. Do you think that worked? Well… not quite. It was an epic fail. Ended up having cheat days instead of cheat meals!

This binge eating period was the final straw! When I realised that summer is around the corner, that’s when I felt like I had to stop making excuses as I kept finding myself in the same situation each year. So maybe this is the reason why my first two weeks of the fitness journey have gone better than I expected because I had four weeks of binge eating prior to the #60DaysUntilSunshine journey kicked in.

Small progress is still progress

The first two weeks of the fitness journey compared to the binge eating period has shown a big change in the way I feel. I feel much better when I eat healthy.  It’s not a joke. You should try it! When you eat healthier, you’ll feel better! And when you combine it with exercise, you’ll feel so good about yourself.  Not only does it make your intestines feel good, it makes you feel like you are getting closer to your fitness goals which you are. There’s nothing as a small progress. Don’t undermine any progress you make because other people may not see it as progression. Just substituting junk food for healthier options is a progress in itself. We all have to start somewhere. Just keep going and push yourself to the limit.


As I was saying earlier, the first two weeks of the fitness journey have been a bit better than usual. Had a few minor setbacks but they did not make me give up on myself. Had a nasty cold that made me feel a bit ill and weak so was only able to go to the gym once. When you’re ill, you just want to eat whatever is available but I did the opposite for once and tried eating as healthy as possible during the week. It worked from Tuesday to Friday, but I won’t lie to you, I did slip up on Saturday by eating KFC and Five Guys on the same day *hides face*. Instead of having a cheat meal, I ended up having a cheat day. That’s naughty, isn’t it lol?

So that’s clearly something I need to work on as this is something I used to do during my binge eating period. Fingers crossed with time, a day will come where I will be able to compose myself so the day I am scheduled to eat a cheat meal does not end up in a cheat day lol!


Thankfully, that nasty cold disappeared and I gained my strength back. Ended up going to the gym 3 times this week. Spent about an hour and half in the gym in each session and did some weightlifting and some cardio.

The weather seems to be picking up which means that BBQ season has started. Went to a BBQ in the weekend. The variety and amount of food that was being served was insane! They even had a platter of my favourite side dish: plantain! Plantain is a type of banana that is commonly eaten in Afro-Caribbean households. I’m a sucker for plantain and can’t get enough of it lol! But I tell you what, I composed myself better than I usually do when I go to BBQs. My plate did not look like a mountain for once lol. It looked like a decent sized plate with a portion of every food available. Because I penciled this BBQ weeks before in my calendar, I purposely chose to eat my cheat meal at the BBQ so I guess I’m starting to gain control over my binge eating. This week was definitely a better week than the first week. I’m still a work in progress so let’s see how the next 2 weeks will go.

If you are on a fitness journey too, feel free to drop a comment to share how it’s going for you. You are not alone in this journey. Let’s kick a** together!

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


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