“I’ll start on Monday..”

Today is Monday, that long awaiting Monday you’ve been talking about. Today is the day you promised yourself to start eating clean and healthy and take gym more serious. But somewhere mid-week, a Twix bar finds its way to your mouth. I know exactly how that feels like because this happened to me last week lol. I was eating very healthy and going to the gym religiously but ended up stuffing a red velvet cupcake down my throat mid-week. It’s hard eating clean when you have a sister who loves to bake and forces you to eat cupcakes to know whether they taste good enough to sell to her customers. Yes, I said force because I don’t really want to eat cake… You probably don’t believe me lol. But it’s time to make a change!

Why you should make a change?

There are a couple of reasons why today is the day to take your health and fitness more serious. You may just want to live a healthier lifestyle or you may have a holiday coming up like me and want to look good in your swimwear. Time is flying as we’ve only got about 60 days until it’s officially Summer. Summer officially start on 21st June. I’ve been working out since August 2013 and I feel like I should be more disciplined when it comes to food after the past three and a half years. But when there’s a cake or a plate of mac and cheese in front of me, I lose my mind and forget who I am. I end up eating three cupcakes and eat a big portion of mac and cheese *hides face*! It’s like I lose all composure. This needs to stop!

Besides my upcoming holiday being next month and summer being near, my mum has really motivated me to take my health more serious. She started this Cambridge diet and lost one stone in three weeks! I’m so proud of her because she is so disciplined and hasn’t relapsed ever since she started. It’s funny how most of us struggle to keep our hands of a strawberry cheesecake while someone who has never stepped a foot in the gym nor tried a diet before has disciplined herself to not eating any junk food. This has motivated me to take my health and fitness more serious. Not just for the summer but to live a more healthy lifestyle going forward. If she can do it, why can’t you and I do it? If you want to live a healthier lifestyle, then feel free to join me on this journey. Look out for my upcoming blog series called “60 days until Sunshine” where I will be updating you on my journey to living a healthier lifestyle. Make sure you comment below to let me know how your journey is going for you.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


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