Have you been struggling to find a good pair of mink eyelashes? Well, look no further! I had the opportunity to model a pair of these beautiful eyelashes from Kikè by Delancey. And what can I say… I really loved the look of it! What’s so nice about the eyelashes is the fact that you don’t need to wear tons of make up to get that nice voluminous effect. Bare minimum make up is more than enough to make your eyes pop. 

I’ve also applied them on a highlighted and contoured face on a night out and these eyelashes were literally the icing on the cake! 

So it’s safe to say that these eyelashes are perfect for day and night looks! Kikè by Delancey has a range of eyelashes available that are all named after the African queens Nefertiti, Makeda, Amina and Cleopatra. The pair I’m wearing in the picture above are the Makeda eyelashes. But my favourite pair of eyelashes so far are the Amina eyelashes.
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nstagram and drop them a direct message (DM) using my 10% discount code CYN10 to purchase a pair of eyelashes. You’ll even get a free lash applicator as a gift when you make a purchase! You don’t wanna miss out on this great deal girl.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


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