As you guys already know, I’m a rookie in the blogging scene and only launched my blog back in April 2017. A friend tagged me in a tweet about the #BBBSocial and suggested that I should go to this event. For those who don’t know BBB stands for Black British Bloggers.

‘A bunch of bloggers in one building? Sounds like a good idea!’ was the thought going through my mind. So I attended my first blogging event last Saturday and I’m so glad I went. Met loads of bloggers, business owners, photographers, podcasters and the list goes on!

The Speakers at #BBBSocial

Besides getting the chance to network, there were talks on various topics that were optional to attend. Obviously, I attended some of the talks and took in some good information.

The first speaker was Tatenda from Ubuntugraphy. He was so nice to give us tips on the best cameras and lenses to buy depending on what type of picture you’re trying to take.

The beautiful Jay from Curlture spoke about colourism and discrimination in the blogger world. She spoke about praising our complexion and hair texture within our blogs and collaborating with companies who genuinely appreciate your appearance. She also asked us this question: ‘What’s your legacy?’ The whole room was silent. This question really hit home and got me to thinking. It’s time to lay the groundwork to leave a legacy behind in this world.

Ronke from Ariatu PR spoke about working effectively with PRs. I came to #BBBSocial not knowing much about PR. Hey, I didn’t even know what PR stood for lol *hides face*. PR stands for Public Relations for those who didn’t know.
She gave us tips on how to approach PR agencies and also told u us what they are looking for. The message that she left us with was to be consistent with our work. So if you’re a blogger or a vlogger, release content frequently and use your social media accounts to engage with your followers and subscribers to stay relevant.

Ade from ADZVICE is one of the few men in the blogging scene. He shared some tips on how to build a collaborative platform. There are two things I took away from his talk:

  • Seek for similar synergies as it makes it easier to work with like-minded people.
  • A collaboration should be a win-win for both parties so everyone is happy!

We had the lovely Yvette Henry from On The Low Podcast speak about setting up a podcast. She gave us tips on how to record a podcast at home and in the studio with a good sound. She kept it so real with us and shared some behind the scene things that happens to ensure that things run smoothly when it’s time to record an episode. The message she left us with was to always be your authentic self in the content you publish.

Unfortunately I missed the first half of the last talk of the day which was done by Nicola Millington from FP Comms. From what I gathered in the time I was present, she spoke about leveraging the power of your platform and building your credibility.

Did I enjoy the #BBBSocial?

Yes, it was amazeballs! There was a lot of information to take in but it was very interesting. The talks did not feel like a lecture at all and were very engaging. I’ve got an attention span of a seven year old so if I can give you a summary of the talks, then that means  that the event was a success.

I also got the opportunity to talk to some business owners about the products they sell and they were so nice to give us some samples to use. The organisers of #BBBSocial also put together some goodies bags for us; the perks of going to networking events ay!

All together, this event showed me that networking is key! Going to networking events by yourself can sound quite daunting but it isn’t as bad as you think.
Honestly, I would go to a networking event again by myself. Going by yourself allows you to float around the room more and meet new people rather than sticking to your friend all day. If you want to make things happen in life, you can’t wait around for your friends to be available to do it with you. Just get yourself out there and talk to people. You don’t know who may be able to help you. The next person you talk to might be the key to your success. Who knows…

Sugars and love,

CynTea X




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