I’ve seen a lot of girls tweeting things like: “I just don’t have time for a man right now. I wanna build my business first before I can get into something serious.”
Ladies, let’s be real… if a guy you really fancy told you that he can’t be in a relationship right now because of his very demanding career, will you not be gutted? Of course, you’ll be gutted! You’ll most probably give him 100 reasons on how you’re gonna support him to reach his full potential and not distract him in the relationship. So if this is something you would do, why are you stressed about dating or being in a relationship whilst being a boss lady?

Use Your Time Wisely!

Dating whilst building a brand/business can be hard. Both cost a lot of time. So how do you make time to work on your goals, spend quality time with yourself and make sure your (potential) bae is satisfied all way round?
Girl, you gotta start making use of all the free time you got in the day. I’m sure we’re all familiar with the saying “we all have the same 24 hours” which basically means get your lazy a** up and get to work! If you’ve got any free time before work, during lunch, and after work, take advantage of this! Use this time to work on your business so you know you’ve at least done something productive today.

I remember how EXTRA busy I used to be in one of my past relationships. Didn’t even have time to relax and watch Trash TV. I struggled to keep up with the latest episodes of Love and Hip Hop and any other reality TV show that was on TV at that time. Yes, I love Trash TV so please #DontJudgeMe.
But guess what I did… I used to go to the gym before work at 6.30am, write a blog during my lunch time and spend time with bae after work on certain days. You see, it’s definitely possible to have a love life and be a boss lady at the same d*mn time!

Date A Guy Who Respects Your Hustle!

Sometimes life just adds random stuff to your regular to-do list which can make you VERY busy to the point where something’s gotta give. It could be less time to watch TV or go to the gym. You could even be so busy to the point where you can’t see bae for a couple of weeks. Will he be angry? Will this make us drift apart?
Girl, relax… Don’t stress. You shouldn’t have to think about this if your dude understands your hustle. This is why it’s important to find yourself a bae that understands and respects your craft. He may not necessarily be into it as much as you are but he will be your biggest fan and literally MAKE himself interested! He will go that extra mile to support you and your hustle.

If you’re not interested in being in a relationship whilst working towards being successful then, by all means, get your hustle on and focus on being a boss lady! But if someone you fancy is in the picture and for some reason, you always end up curving men so you can focus on building your brand/business, then I’m here to tell you that you can do BOTH. You just gotta plan your time wisely so everything gets a bit of your time. Don’t sell yourself short if you know you’re able to juggle a relationship and an entrepreneurship.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x



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