It’s coming up to the most LOVABLE time of the year. Some people have been looking forward to this day for a very long time. And there are people who wished that this day didn’t exist due to one reason or the other. Could be due to a heartbreak, memories of an ex or maybe they just don’t give a flying duck about this date. Either way, it doesn’t change the fact that Valentine’s Day is almost here.

What Have You Got Planned For Valentine’s Day?

Have you made any plans with bae? If you did, that’s good for you! Spoil your bae. In fact, show EXTRA love to bae if you like. Do whatever floats your boat. But what do you get up to on Valentine’s Day if you’re single and don’t have a bae to spend the day with?

A lot of single people don’t look forward to this day. Some people start to panic when they don’t have a bae around this time of the year. Girl, don’t panic! Relax and take a deep breath. It’s OKAY to not have a Valentine. It doesn’t mean you can’t have any plans on this day. And it sure doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the day as a single woman. If you’re yet to decide on what to do on this day, let me help you by listing five things you SHOULDN’T do when you’re single on Valentine’s Day:

  • Watch romantic movies all day whilst crying and eating a tub of ice cream
  • Look at old pictures of your ex. In fact, don’t even think of checking out his Instagram account to see what he’s up to on this day.
  • Rush into a fake relationship just to claim a bae for one day!
  • Be jealous of other couples!
  • Stop yourself from enjoying the day because of being baeless

So Why Should You Stay Away From These Things?

Let’s briefly run through every point that was mentioned so you’ll understand why these things are no good… 

I’m all for Netflix and Chilling by yourself but why would you purposely watch a romantic movie that will remind you of an old fling or relationship on Valentine’s Day?! Your Netflix subscription didn’t come with unlimited tears so let’s not trigger ourselves into crying a river…

Obsessing over old pictures with bae and stalking your ex on social media isn’t healthy…
‘I just wanna check if he’s okay…’ Who are you kidding? Even if you feel like you’re completely over your ex, you might just see something that will make you upset for no reason.

Do NOT, I repeat do NOT enter a fake relationship just to feel part of the #RelationshipGoals club. Remember, Valentine’s Day is not 56 hours. It’s 24 hours just like any other day so it’s not worth getting into a relationship just for ONE day!

Jealousy is a disease you DON’T want to suffer from so please don’t make yourself miserable by keeping an eye on loved-up couples if you KNOW that it will trigger you to be upset. Your time will come and I’m sure you’ll probably be the first person who will flaunt your bae just like everyone else does on Valentine’s Day.

Live Your Life!

Some of you guys stop yourselves from living when you’re single. You stop yourself from having fun and going to places you’ve always dreamt of visiting because it’s been labelled as a “couple’s outing”. Let’s stop putting our lives on hold for someone who doesn’t even exist in our lives right now and enjoy life more with friends who are available on Valentine’s Day or any other day! Thoughts like ‘If such-and-such was still in my life, we would be watching The Lion King in the theatres right now’ need to be erased from your mind. Don’t wait around for a bae to come along just to do certain activities like going to a spa or the theatre. Life’s way too short for that! 

It’s not the end of the world if you don’t have a bae on Valentine’s Day. You can still have a good day regardless of being single if you just stay away from anything that will make you upset. Prevention is better than cure!

Sugars and love,

CynTea x



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  1. I definitely don’t agree with the hype surrounding Valentine’s Day. Like you say it’s just one day and there’s no need to upset yourself!

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