My love life has felt like a long roller coaster ride for the past couple of years. One minute, things are going very well with a guy and then suddenly things change. Does this scenario ring a bell to you?
It’s like the conversations become less. You stop receiving those ‘Good morning miss, I hope you slept well’ messages. Every morning, you still wake up eager to find out whether he messaged you overnight. You look at your phone and guess what… NO text and missed calls from him. To make things worse, he even read your message on WhatsApp but didn’t respond back. Things just don’t feel the same anymore…

What Have I Done?        

‘Have I done something wrong?’ is probably the first thought that strikes your mind. ‘Hmmm maybe he’s busy’ is what you say to reassure yourself that you haven’t done anything wrong. Somehow you end up reminiscing about the good ol’ days. You really want things to go back to how they were. Despite his recent behaviour, you keep trying to make conversation with him and pray that he responds back as swiftly as possible to your messages like he always does. I mean, why would he take hours or days to respond back to you? You have a special place in his heart right?

Time Goes By, So Slowly…

Two hours go by and still no text back but his WhatsApp time stamp says ‘last seen today at 14:06’. You look at the clock and notice that it’s 14:07. ‘Hmm is he ignoring me?’
You keep looking at his time stamp as you’re still not convinced that he’s been Online. The WhatsApp time stamp is clearly not accurate enough for you…
He eventually responds to your message after four hours and hits you with the ‘Hey, sorry I’ve been so busy. You alright?’ message. You really want to put him on blast as he’s been viewing your snaps on SnapChat and been active on Whatsapp in the same four hours he’s been ignoring your message. But when you see his text, your face lights up and you ignore all the reasons why you were annoyed. You respond back to him saying: ‘I’m good and you? When are we meeting up?’ He says: ‘I’ll let you know. Maybe this Saturday?’ You end up keeping Saturday free even though the plans are uncertain. It’s now Saturday and you haven’t heard a thing from him to confirm any plans. ‘Should I text him again?’ is what you ask yourself. Your mind is telling you no but your
heart is telling you yes. You end up texting him and he responds back after a couple of hours saying: ‘Sorry, can’t do today. Something came up… let’s do next Tuesday?’ Even though you’ve wasted your whole day waiting around for him, you jump for joy because there’s still a possibility you’re gonna see bae. But then the same thing happens again on Tuesday… In fact, the same thing keeps happening for three months! After all these cancellations and his change in behaviour towards you, do you think you’re still a priority to him?

You Are Better Than That!

Girl, why did it take nine cancellations before you realised that you’re not a priority to him anymore? It was clear three months ago that he isn’t into you!
I know you like him and want to give him the benefit of the doubt. I’ve been there as you can see from the story and I’ve learnt the hard way… Stop making excuses for him! Don’t get lost in the sauce like I did! You have to start using your mind and not your heart in these type of situations. This situation doesn’t look like it’s going to progress into a relationship. Wake up babygirl! Don’t wait for him to make you feel stupid for sticking around especially when he’s giving you all the signs from early. How many red flags does he need to wave before you walk away? Don’t let the red flags pile up!

Stop Wasting Your OWN Time!

You have to stop wasting your own time by sticking around for someone who has no intentions of making you his wifey. You are better than that! It’s not the end of the world that this didn’t work out. There is plenty of fish in the sea! He just happens to be rotten fish. When Mr. Right approaches you, you’ll notice the difference in his behaviour compared to all the rotten fish from the past. That’s when you’ll look back at this situation and laugh at what you went through. You deserve so much better so make a change today! If you’re currently in a situation that isn’t serving you right, then walk away. It’s going to hurt at first but it will get better in time. You’ll be okay, I promise.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x






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