A lot of people on Instagram seem to be in a perfect relationship these days. There are loads of #RelationshipGoals pictures of happy couples with a Colgate smile. Love is a beautiful thing! It’s nice to see people happy and enjoying each other’s company. But how many of these pictures are reflecting a reality? Are they just doing it for the gram or are they actually happy in their relationship?

Living A Lie 

There are people out there that are pretending to be happy. I know of some people who are trying their best to convince everyone that they are in a healthy relationship when in reality they are living a lie. The thing is there is no perfect relationship as we all go through ups and downs. But if you are constantly bumping heads with your boo why are you pretending to be happy? Why are you trying to proof this to everyone?  

Focus On You And Bae!

If things aren’t right between you and bae, use the same energy you use to make your relationship look picture perfect on social media to sort out the issue. If you’re trying to prove to strangers and sometimes even family members that you’re a happy girlfriend and wife by posting pictures to fill that void of love and care you should be getting from him with ‘likes’ when you’re truly going through it behind closed doors, you’re only fooling yourself.

The truth is nobody cares as much about your relationship as you do. The relationship is between you and bae. Everyone else is just spectating with their popcorns in their hands. So just focus on you and bae and stop worrying about not being able to post the usual #RelationshipGoals picture on every Wednesday. That isn’t going to fix the domestics between you and bae so start prioritising what’s important in order to save your relationship from failing.

Just so you know, this blog is not throwing shots or mocking anyone who posts their relationship on social media. Heck, I’ve posted my past relationships on social media and I’m all about flaunting bae *shrugs*! Make sure you give my blog ‘Things You NEED To Know Before Flaunting Bae On Social Media’ a read where I touch on this topic #ShamelessPlug.

Living A Lie Will Eventually Get To You!

What I’m trying to say here is just attend to the issue instead of trying to convince people that you’re happy. If your relationship is on life support, you’re better off putting time into making things work with bae than living a lie. Living a lie will actually hurt you more because you’re trying to convince your followers that you have this picture-perfect life when deep down inside you know that isn’t the case. Like I said earlier, nobody cares as much about your relationship as you think. So cater to the problem instead of pretending to have this picture-perfect relationship as the problem is affecting you more than anyone else.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


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