Have you ever met someone who felt like the one but for some reason things didn’t work out between you guys? You probably started asking yourself questions like: ‘Why is this happening to me?’
Girl, I’ve been there and it wasn’t nice at all… Lots of tears were shed and of course, hearts were broken…

But I always wondered… If you’re convinced that he’s your Mr. Right, don’t you think that your situation would’ve allowed you guys to be together? And when you say Mr. Right, are you just referring to his personality or to him as a whole and everything around him? A lot of women are very quick to say ‘He’s the one!’ But is he really though?

It Takes TWO To TANGO!

There are a lot of Perfect Guy, Wrong Time scenarios. From your bae moving to a different country to your bae having a child with someone else. Heck, he might just decide to cut off all distractions to focus on his career. Would you consider these things as a test on the relationship? Or do you think these things are a bunch of red flags to show you that the relationship isn’t going to work out?
In other words, can he still be your Mr. Right with these extra responsibilities or change in environment?

Well, I think it comes down to the people in the relationship. It takes two to tango and also to make a relationship work. I know, sometimes you gotta be realistic when facing certain circumstances in a relationship and just accept that things won’t work out in the long run. I get it… But I still believe that if you really wanna make your relationship work, it will WORK! So it’s up two you both whether he’s can be your Mr. Right or nah. His move to a different country or whatever the situation may be doesn’t mean y’all can’t be together. He can still be your Mr. Right if that’s what you both REALLY want. But once there is doubt coming from his side or maybe even your side, it can lead to the crumbling of your relationship.
So with all of that being said, do you really want to make your relationship work despite the unforeseen circumstances? If you’re not sure, then you might have to leave the situation alone to avoid anyone from getting hurt. Not being 100% sure on how you feel about someone can get very messy…

Is It Really The Wrong Time?

I don’t know about you but I see this Perfect Guy, Wrong Time thing as a test that will show whether you can jump over the unexpected hurdles with your bae. Like I said, not every situation will allow you guys to be together. But if you both really want each other, you will both have to pull your weight to be each other’s Mr. and Mrs. Right. It’s only the wrong timing if you guys make it the wrong timing. So if you’re in a situation like this, take some time to think. Don’t just think… Think really hard about everything. Look at the big picture.
If it makes sense, reach out to your bae and hopefully, it won’t be too late to carry on where you guys left off. The unexpected hurdles will most definitely not make the relationship any easier but that comes with the territory. Just follow your heart and hopefully your bae is still the perfect match for your heart.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x




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