There are so many ways to flaunt your bae to the whole world. From making your boo your plus one to EVERY single party you attend to posting pictures of your boo on Instagram. Posting your bae on social media has become a way of showing public affection to each other. A lot of people are all for flaunting their partner on social media. But there are some pros and cons that come with this. In this blog, I will be sharing two points you need to know before you decide to flaunt your bae on social media.

The Birth Of #RelationshipGoals

Back in the day, there weren’t any camera phones and social media platforms to publicise your relationship. The only way you would know that someone was in a relationship was by word of mouth or if someone introduced their bae to you.

This changed when Facebook added the option to share your relationship status with everyone! I know some people will say that people publicised their relationship on Hi5 and Bebo way before Facebook had this option. But from what I can remember, Facebook was the first social media platform where you could actually select your relationship status. And this is when hash tag #RelationshipGoals was born. 

Things You NEED To Know Before Flaunting Your Bae…

Love is a beautiful thing and sharing that on social media is a very cute thing to do. But before you decide to post your boo on social media, there are a few things you need to know:

  1. Be prepared for nosy people. ‘How’s bae doing?’ will be a very common question you will hear from friends as well as strangers. There’s nothing wrong with your friends regularly checking on you but how do you feel about strangers asking about your relationship? This is what happens when you and bae become #RelationshipGoals. It comes with the territory. Once you put your relationship out there, some people will make themselves the third wheel and feel entitled to know the ins and outs of your relationship. Try to take their questions with a pinch of salt. Some people just mean well but are nosy as hell…
  2. We all wish it could just stop with nosy people but there is more… There are trolls out there! Not everyone wants to see you happy. ‘They don’t want you to be HAPPY!’ *read it in DJ Khaled’s voice*. Some people literally wake up and feel the need to offload their negative energy on you by trolling. You will receive negative comments from people you’ve never laid eyes on in your life! Can you deal with this? 

Social Media Science… Really?

It’s funny how there’s science behind social media. It’s supposed to be straightforward. You post a picture, people who actually like the picture will share a ‘like’ and people who don’t should just scroll on to the next picture right? But NO! There are people out there that want you to KNOW that they don’t like your picture by making inappropriate comments about you and bae. Can you imagine what would happen if an ‘unlike’ button existed? That button would be used and abused excessively!

How To Deal With Trolling

I can’t believe I’m saying this but you have to be built for social media. I’m all for flaunting your bae all day everyday but remember haters gon’ hate. There are people that will NOT like you just for the sake of it. Having haters is inevitable. You can already see this in the way some celebs deal with the strangers who leave crazy comments under their pictures.
Yes, people will troll and make unnecessary comments but that’s just life. People do the same sh*t in real life! You can turn off your commenting and log off Instagram but you can’t log off in real life. So if you know you have thick skin to deal with all of this, then knock yourself out and post pictures with bae. Flaunt your bae as much as you want but don’t let the negativity get to you. Just ignore the nonsense and enjoy your relationship.

Even though I’m all for flaunting bae, I also believe you gotta do what’s best for your own sanity. So if you feel like you won’t be able to deal with trolls, keyboard warriors and all the other nonsense that comes with this, then just stay away from it. I’ve actually met people who deleted all their pictures of their bae from their social media accounts. Not because they broke up but because of all the nonsense that came with it. They are now happier as it was taking its toll on their relationship. There’s no need to complicate your life just over an Instagram post. Just know your limits and do what works for you.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


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  1. Loved reading this! You raise some excellent points and I completely agree with you! Be prepared and defo get there consent too 💕 great post lovely!

    Eve xx

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