Food For Thought…

The weekend is nearly here. So before you head off to the pub to get a couple of cans in with your mates, let me share a quote with you: ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. What kind of people are you surrounded by? Positive people or people who just like to gossip and celebrate someone’s downfall? Do you surround yourself around go-getters or talkers who NEVER action what they say they are going to do?
Whatever energy you are surrounded by will rub off on you! I’m a living proof of this. My friends always used to talk about starting their own business or brand in the WhatsApp group chat. I wasn’t interested in the conversation so I muted the chat. But ever since I started engaging in the conversation, my attitude towards life has changed. Now I want to run my own business one day and be successful too! What about you? If you want to make it in life, you’ve got to start being around successful people. When they achieve something, it will motivate you to work harder to have your own achievements that you can be proud of. Surround yourself around greatness and you will be great!

Sugars and Love,

CynTea x


Hey guys, welcome to my website. My name is Cynthia but you can call me CynTea. I’m a 6'0" tall Dutch Nigerian who lives in the UK. I am a lifestyle blogger with a sprinkle of everything else. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment via the contact page. CynTea x


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