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Earlier this week, I had a conversation with a friend about one of my blogs called ‘Birds Of A Feather Flock Together..’ If you haven’t had the chance to read this blog, make sure you click HERE to give it a read #ShamelessPlug.
Anyways, he was telling me how he has different groups of friends that correspond to different aspects of his personality. He noticed that some friends are more ambitious than others and went on to asking me about my friendship circles.
‘Of course I have different groups of friends!
 Who doesn’t lol?’ was my response to him. The difference is obvious when you compare the banter and the conversations you have with all your friends.

After going back and forth on this topic, we concluded that not everybody wants to be an entrepreneur. Self-employment is NOT for everyone and that’s perfectly fine!
Please don’t mistake the message in ‘Birds Of A Feather Flock Together..’ for the wrong one. I’m not telling you to get rid of all your friends who are not aspiring to be successful business owners so please don’t start burning bridges lol.

Just make sure your friends add some kind of value to your life, and vice versa. It can be as little as always making you look at the bright side of life or being there when you need support. If you think about it, both contribute to having a positive state of mind. We all need a good frame of mind to function.  If sh*t hits the fan, you can call your friend that always says the right things to make you feel better. It’s good to have friends that will uplift you through your ups and downs. With a good frame of mind, you can face anything in life whether you want to be a successful business owner or not. So just surround yourself around good people who bring out the best in you!

Sugars and love,

CynTea x



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