It’s June! Time is flying! Can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already. It still feels like it was only Christmas 2016 a week ago. We’ve got six month left before we say goodbye to 2017! Time flies, doesn’t it? It doesn’t wait for no one and that leads to my question: Have you been making the most of your time?

Did you set any goals at the start of the year?

At the start of the year, I wrote my goals down on a piece of paper and stuck it on the wall in my room. It’s one of the first things I see when I wake up. This way I always remember what I need to be working on. Sticking your goals on the wall helps to visualise your potential achievements.

Setting goals at the start of the year is like a rough plan of how you want your year to end up. The reason why I used the word rough is because you probably won’t achieve your goals in the order you wrote them down. Your first achievement could be the last thing you wrote down or even the fifth goal on the list. I don’t think the order you achieve your goals matters to be honest as long you’re achieving them. There is no fixed road to success.

When I achieve a goal, I scribble a tick next to it. Putting a tick next to a goal is like telling myself ‘You go girl!’ This motivates me to start working harder and move on to the next thing on the list. You have to be your own cheerleader and can’t be waiting for someone to give you a pat on your back.

How’s your year going so far?

Have you achieved any of your goals yet? In fact, have you started working towards them? Do you feel like giving up? Are things not going the way you want them to go? Do you feel like you’re going at the right pace?  Are your goals a priority to you? Do you need help from others to reach your goals? Are you happy with what you’ve achieved so far? Do you think you could potentially work harder? Do you have time to work on your goals? Are you tired of working and not seeing any results? Are you desperate to reach your goals? What are you doing right now?

I know, this is overwhelming but the reason why I asked you these questions is to make you have a think about your journey. The answers to all questions don’t have to be positive. Your journey in reaching your goals is not meant to be a smooth ride. I haven’t reached all my goals yet either. I’ve got about 19 goals that are written down and I’ve only reached three and a half lol. It’s three and a half because one goal is in progress. I may not reach them all by the end of the year but I sure want to reach some and have something to show for 2017. What about you? Wouldn’t it be nice to have at least one achievement in the bag?

Let’s get to work!

We’re half way there, but there is still enough time to make 2017 a productive and fruitful year. So if you haven’t already started working on your goals, START now! Time waits for no one! Grab every opportunity you get to make something happen for yourself with both hands and don’t let go no matter how tough the journey may be!

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


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