“Positive vibes only” or PVO for short, has become a very popular saying. Instagram has been flooded with posts spreading positive messages to keep people sane during the day. These posts keep me in check at times when I feel to have a go at someone for annoying me. I just remember to “Woosah” and, to speak and think positive.  The word negative is associated with anger, upset, evil and the list goes on. Those three words do not appeal to me and I sure don’t want to be described to be any of these things. But what happens when people around you are negative? How do you deal with the negativity around you?

In this post, I will be sharing a few tips on how to handle the negativity that is around you.

B*tch don’t kill my vibe!

Have you ever had a conversation with someone and nothing good was said? In my head, I just pray someone interrupts the conversation or I receive a phone call that saves me from listening to all this negativity. I activate my selective hearing and I literally switch off when I hear negativity. They don’t realise that their bad mood makes you feel like sh*t too. You don’t have to entertain the conversation.

To avoid anyone killing my vibe, I’ve started saying “I prefer not to talk about it”. It took some time to start saying this as I did not want to come across rude but it’s not a rude thing to say at all. The person you say this to will most probably keep quiet out of embarrassment or shock. Some people don’t realise how much negativity they put in the air until you point it out to them. This is a way of telling someone politely to shut up and stop talking negative without being so literal.

Positive attracts positive

This might sound silly but have you ever wondered why nobody screams “Negative vibes only”? Well, for the people who struggle to think and speak positively, positive attracts positive. A couple years ago, my friend told me about the Law of Attraction. I never knew what it was but it’s a basic theory: “When you focus on negative things, you will be surrounded by negativity. So when you focus on positive things, you will have a good mindset that will allow you to attract positive things in your life”. Is that not what everyone should want?  I know, there are times in life where you feel low but we all have hurdles in our paths. It’s about how you overcome them so start thinking positive and have a good mindset so you can jump over anything that comes your way. 


This goes in line with what I just said. We all go through hard times in life where you just feel to give up as that seems to be the easiest thing to do. But if giving up was the best option, why do you still complain after giving up? Going though trials and tribulations is all part of life. In fact, it’s part of your journey. So don’t fall for the trap of speaking and thinking negative when things don’t go your way. You should know what will come with that…instead, take a deep breath and think about ways that will help you to rise above your situation. You can only think straight with a clear and positive mind.  So be consistent in having a good mindset. Consistency is key; the key to your success.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


Hey guys, welcome to my website. My name is Cynthia but you can call me CynTea. I’m a 6'0" tall Dutch Nigerian who lives in the UK. I am a lifestyle blogger with a sprinkle of everything else. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by leaving a comment via the contact page. CynTea x

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have been in situations where i felt obliged to entertain negative vibes from those around me. I am not saying that it is bad to help out others out of the negative position they find themselves, but while doing so we should becareful not to be indirectly affected by whatever it is they are going through. I always go by the rule, help out but don’t make yourself a victim. At this point in my life i have kind of built a wall to negative vibes i try as much to avoid it because i am a very emotional person. I tend to take things deeper than most people and with this i found myself being swallowed by other people’s wahala as we say in Nigeria. One can not always have positive vibes in their life but one can learn how to atleast entertain 95% of positive vibe so that 5% will not affect you that much.

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