Do you know someone who has ever postponed something that was planned without a valid reason? Of course, you do! You’re probably trying to think of a friend who has cancelled on you before but you’re looking too far away. I’m sure YOU have postponed something before simply because you can’t be bothered to do it. ‘I will do it tomorrow’ becomes your favourite phrase and a lot of times, tomorrow becomes next week or even next month! Don’t worry, you’re not the only person. I’ve been there too and can totally relate to you.

Couple reasons why you procrastinate

I have asked a few people why they procrastinate and I received very interesting reasons. People procrastinate because of:

  1. Laziness
  2. Being busy
  3. Being bored and staring into space
  4. Wanting to be a perfectionist and getting things right in one go
  5. Not paying much importance to things

Point one was the most common response I received. At times you get so lazy and can’t be asked to do anything. Your excuse is “I just want to relax and chill”. That’s a fair excuse, I guess. But do you think that “relax and chill” is a good enough reason to postpone something that has already been planned?

Another reason why you procrastinate is because you are busy. You don’t have any extra time on your hands after work to do anything because you have house chores to do. But you have time to watch TV right?

I received an interesting answer that I did not understand at first. A guy told me that he procrastinates when he’s bored and stares into space. I asked him to elaborate and he said he stares into space thinking about the idea rather than putting it into action. It’s basically living in a dream rather than working towards making your dream a reality.

Some people delay things because they are perfectionists and want to get things right the first time. So for example, instead of releasing an “okay” product, they would rather delay the launch for a while to release a “fantastic” product.

There are people out there that do not pay much importance to things. It’s like scrolling through your phone and coming across your friend’s number that you haven’t spoken to in months but then delay calling them by saying ‘I’ll call them on Tuesday’. Why don’t you just call them right there and then?

How to stop procrastinating

Don’t be lazy!

Let’s start off with STOP being lazy! Laziness is correlated to the word slowness. So let’s say you’ve set your fitness goals for the year. You’ve got a few holidays coming up this year and you want to look good in your bikini. For the guys, you will most probably want your abs to be visible to point where it looks like they’re popping out. ‘I’ll start next Monday’ is what you keep telling yourself instead of working out and going to the gym. By doing this, you are actually delaying your “summer body” from being ready. In other words, procrastinating one thing leads to procrastinating another thing like the results you’re trying to achieve.

You’re never too busy!

STOP “acting” like you are too busy to do things like working towards your goals or to meet up with a friend. I get it, when you come home from work you just want to sit on your sofa and watch TV. Hey, I love watching some Trash TV to the point where I sometimes even watch it during my lunchtime. Love and Hip Hop, Bad Girls Club, Real Housewives of Atlanta and the whole nine yards lol! But you can do both; you can watch TV certain hours in the day and put time aside to work on your goals as well besides going to your day job. Before you start panicking and complaining about missing Eastenders, remember there are things like BBC iPlayer that will allow you catch up on your shows if you can’t watch it live! So you’re never too busy to do things. You’ll make time for whatever you want to make time for!

Be a dreamchaser and make your dream a reality!

STOP fantasising about your idea and living in a dream. You’ve got an idea, now put it into action! Since you’re bored with nothing to do and staring into space, why don’t you work on your idea? What are you scared of? You can’t fail without trying, so why don’t you just try? At the end of the day, you have nothing to lose. If you fail, you will be in the exact same situation you were in and you already know how that feels like. So why don’t you put your idea into action today and see where it can take you? Stop selling yourself a dream and become a dream chaser!

Nothing and no one is perfect!

Is being a perfectionist a bad thing? Yes and no. I mentioned earlier why being a perfectionist could be a good thing. Here’s why it could be a bad thing: if everything needs to be perfect, you will never be ready!  You will keep procrastinating until the wheels come off. That will never allow you to move to the next step. Nothing is perfect. You will always find something that isn’t quite right and that is part of life. You just have to make the most of what you’ve got and not feel discouraged because it isn’t perfect to take the next step.

This could be as simple as finding the right time to have a partner! There’s actually no designated time for this. Don’t procrastinate having a partner when you have something great in front of you. Even if things might be better in a couple of years’ time, life might hit you again to change your circumstances. You can’t just opt out of life. Life’s a bitch, you just have to find a way to live with what’s in front of you and find ways to progress or make things better with what you have. Don’t sit on things until they are perfect or else you will be waiting forever.

Take your goals and actions more seriously!

If you decide to not call your friend or family member who you haven’t heard from in ages right there and then when you’re thinking about them, it shows that they’re not as important to you as you think. It doesn’t take much of your time to make a 5-minute call or to send a simple text saying ‘Hi, I haven’t heard from you in ages. I hope all is well’. This is good enough; you don’t have to write an essay.

If you are thinking about your goals, then that means you should be working towards reaching them. If you postpone working on them, they are clearly not a priority to you. Whatever you’re thinking about should be done on the spot or at least later on that day depending on what it is. There is a famous saying: ‘Never put off till tomorrow, what you can do the day after tomorrow’. Just think about that when you feel like you want to procrastinate.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x


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