We’re back with a new episode featuring our good ol’ pal Spiced Captain Morgan. He got the best of some of us *hides face* but we were still fit enough to touch on a few controversial things that have been reported on the news. From Trump’s comments about the NFL and NBA players to Uber fighting to keep their license in London. Are you surprised with the things that have been reported on the news lately?


Kevin Hart is still hot in the news! Montia Sabbag, the girl in the sex footage, did a recent interview with the Daily Mail. She claims that Kevin Hart was sober when they had sex and that he never mentioned his marital status to her. Hmmm what do you think of the whole situation?

Donald Trump had some things to say about the NFL players who have been peacefully protesting by taking a knee during the national anthem. He called these players ‘sons of bitches’ and was pushing for them to get fired. What do you think of Trump’s statements? 


Have you ever felt like your bae isn’t treating you the same way as before but you stuck around longer than you needed to? Well this week we discussed my blog ‘Are You A Priority To Him?’ in which I discussed this question. We all had a lot to say about this. We never know when to shut up when we talk about a relationship related topic lol. It was nice to hear how the girls felt about this topic. Make sure you click HERE to give this blog a read.


We’ve got some bad news for the Uber users in London… Transport for London has decided not to renew the license of the ride-hailing app Uber. They believe that Uber is not fit to hold a private hire operator license. Could this mean that a lot of Uber drivers in London may have to start looking for a new job? 


The American singer Jhene Aiko has blessed us with a new album called Trip. The project is 22 songs long! That’s a whole lotta music I tell ya! But I listened to every single song. Even played some songs more than once. Had the songs While Were Young and Psilocybin (Love In Full Effect) on repeat. I guess it’s clear to say that I’m loving the album. Been a fan of her music for a while. Jhene’s a breath of fresh air.
I noticed that some songs were named after certain drugs. Hmm is this the “trip” she’s talking about?


There’s a new BBC Two comedy sketch show on TV called Famalam. It stars the very well-known Instagram comedian Tommy Expensive aka Tom Moutchi. This sketch show is about everything. From alien invasions to the funny effects shown in Nollywood movies. I didn’t laugh as much as I thought I would but I found myself chuckling retelling certain sketches to the girls. So I guess it was a bit funny.

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