And we’re back with a new episode of the On The Low Podcast! We didn’t have a guest come through this week so it was just the girls and myself on this week’s episode.
Well, Captain Morgan came for about 30 minutes as certain people escorted him out of the building *rolls eyes*. If you’ve listened to our previous episodes, you will know exactly who I’m talking about lol. When I say escort, I actually mean downing the bottle lol.

So if you haven’t been living under a rock, I’m sure you would’ve heard or seen the news this week. From the O.J. Simpson release to the shooting in Las Vegas. This has been one hell of a year and we still have a couple of months to go! Let’s pray we stay save as nowhere seems to be safe anymore….


So Mr ‘I’m not black, I’m O.J.’ has been released from prison after being incarcerated for nine years. Let’s not get confused here.. Some people may think he was eventually convicted for the murder of his ex wife Nicole and her boyfriend. But no! He ended up behind bars for a robbery and a kidnapping. How do you feel about his homecoming?


Has anyone ever made you feel super uncomfortable by making a comment about your appearance? Have you ever been too short, fat, skinny or tall to do or be something?
This week we discussed my blog ‘So I’m Too TALL To Be A Bridesmaid?’
Had a very good discussion with the girls as we shared some our experiences related to this topic. Make sure you click HERE to give this blog a read.


The shooting that happened in Las Vegas during a concert has lost me for words… Stephen Paddock is the person responsible for the mass killing. So many innocent people lost their lives. He’s been described as a lone wolf in many newspapers and articles. But would he have still been described as a lone wolf if he a tad bit more melanin in his skin?


So this week we decided to do something a bit different. Instead of reviewing an album, we made a playlist of pre-released songs from the artists Wretch 32, Krept and Konan, Leikeli47, Rapsody and many more.

So I gave this playlist a listen and I won’t lie to you and say that I loved all the songs…
But what I will say is that I’m really digging Rapsody’s music. Really like her song Power.

Also looking forward to Krept and Konan’s new album. Loving the Caribbean vibe of the song For Me and the street sound on Wo Wo Wo. Have you guys heard any of these songs yet? If yes, which ones do you have on repeat?

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