It’s the beginning of new week which means that the On The Low Podcast has dropped a new episode! Some very bizarre events took place in the last two weeks. Did you also notice the weird coloured sky or was this something that was only visible in the UK?


A lot of people thought the end of the world had come when the Sun turned red on Monday 16th October 2017. I looked outside the window and noticed a very bright yellow light shining into my room. Thought somebody was pulling a prank and shining their headlights at my window but it was the Sun that turned red due to the Saharan dust and the hurricane Ophelia. Hmm there are a lot of natural disasters taking place these days. Is this a raise of concern? Do you think the world is actually coming to an end?


Instead of discussing one of my blogs this week, I came across a very interesting post on Twitter where a girl was having a rant about being accused of ‘thirst trapping’. For the people who don’t know what ‘thirst trapping’ means, it’s when you take a seductive picture or video and post it on social media. The girl is not happy with the way men are sliding into her DMs. Does the girl have the right to be angry? I mean, if you have a nice body that you’re proud of, there shouldn’t be any harm in flaunting it right?


From now on, we’re going to put out a playlist every week! Woop *jumps for joy*! But don’t worry, we will still be reviewing new albums so the playlist is just a bonus. This week we reviewed the UK artist Wretch 32’s new album FR32. I really like the songs Good Morning and Colour Purple. I might make Good Morning my new morning anthem. Hmmm maybe even the sound of my alarm…
Besides Wretch’s album, the playlist includes the bangers Loved By You by Mali Music and Jazmine Sullivan, Txtin’ by WSTRN and Alkaline and Insecure by Jazmine Sullivan and Bryson Tiller, just to name a few. According to Yvette, this week’s playlist reflects a person who has all kinds of emotions lol. It’s a mixture of Gospel, Bashment, R & B and many more genres. If you’re having mixed emotions like us, then you definitely click HERE to give this playlist a listen on Spotify.


But who killed the victim? Is confessing enough to put someone behind bars for a crime? There’s a new true crime television documentary called The Confession Tapes on Netflix. It shows an investigation of six real cases in which the people who have been convicted of murder are claiming that their confessions are false. I’ve only watched one episode and I can’t wait to see how things unfold… I would definately recommend giving this documentary a watch.

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