What happens when you leave three women around a 1L bottle of Spiced Captain Morgan? It becomes an episode of Cackling Women! Raised voices, unapologetic interjections, lots of laughing and let’s not forget the adlibs lol. I guess Captain Morgan just makes one very merry lol. When I say one, I’m talking about a particular lady. Hmm I wonder who that could be…


We’re one man down this week as Jessica is currently riding a camel somewhere in the dessert of Dubai. So it was only right to invite our long lost friend Natalie to keep Jessica’s seat warm. Natalie is not a stranger to the podcast and you would know that if you’ve listened to one of our older episode Black Widow… Again! She’s a fun and bubbly lady who’s not afraid to speak her mind. Make sure you give Natalie a follow on Twitter @NatThePhoenix.


Stormzy is at the height of his career right now! From his appearance on X Factor to winning an MTV EMA Award. Nothing can go wrong at this point right? Well it seems like some of his old tweets has come back to bite him in his bum. He made some comments using gay slurs a few years ago which are making people give him the side eye. He has put out a statement to apologise for his actions. Should people be held responsible for their old tweets?


Have you ever gone through a break up but didn’t know how to deal with the pain? This week we discussed my blog 4 Ways To Get Over A Break Up and the conversation got a bit heated before it even started… Wanna know what happened? Make sure you TUNE in to find out.


G.O.O.D. Music’s Very Own CyHi The Prynce has finally dropped his debut album No Dope on Sundays. For those who don’t know who CyHi is, he’s a rapper and a songwriter. Still doesn’t sound familiar to you? CyHi was on the remix of the 2011 hit song Racks by YC alongside B.O.B., Trae The Truth, Nelly, just to name a few. This was a while ago so it’s good to see him put out new music. The songs that I had on repeat were Don’t Know Why, Murda and 80’s Baby. Have you listened to this album yet? If yes, what are you favourite songs on there?
Don’t forget about our weekly playlist! This week’s playlist consists of songs from J HUS, Not3s, Tory Lanez and many more. Click HERE to tune into our playlist.


BKCHAT LDN is back and they did not hold back in the first episode of Season 3! The first debate was based on this scenario: ‘My neighbour called me a n****, I punched her in the face. I got arrested. What lesson did I learn?’ The opinions were very different across the room. Some said they would use their mouth to handle the situation and a few said they would use their hands. What would you do if you were in a similar scenario?

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