Pinch punch, it’s the first Monday of a brand new month! We’re back with a new episode. There’s been a lot happening this week. From the Libyan slave trade to the Grammy Nominations. Let’s see what everyone had to say about this…


Whilst Jessica is still recovering from riding camels in Dubai, I’m somewhere eating Gouda cheese in The Netherlands and living my life like it’s golden. So you’ve only got one co-host to entertain you this week but Yvette did invite two guests to keep her company. Natalie was back in the building who isn’t a stranger to the podcast. Give her a follow on Twitter @NatThePhoenix.
We also had Travis Jay come in who’s known to be a triple threat; he’s a comedian, a host and a radio personality. Make sure you give him a follow on Twitter @TravisJayent to find out more about his work.


It seems like there’s been a bit of a positive change in the Grammys as more Black artists are being nominated compared to the past couple of years. I guess the complaints about the lack of diversity were taken on board.
Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow has been nominated for the Best Rap Song and she’ll be going up against Jay-Z, Rapsody, Run The Jewels and Kendrick Lamar. How do you feel about this?


This week’s discussion was based on this question: ‘Do we expect too much from our significant others? How much is too much?’
Hmmm I’m curious to find out if anyone’s head was taken off whilst debating. Make sure you TUNE in to find out how the discussion went.


Fabolous and Jadakiss have joined forces and released the project Friday On Elm Street. Fabolous is known for dropping projects towards the end of the year but I wasn’t expecting him to do a collab with Jadakiss! These two rappers are known for having BARS! I’m really feeling the bars in the songs Soul Food and Principles. If you’re a Hip Hop head then this project should be on your must-listen list!


I can’t believe that slavery still exists in 2017. Seeing the footage of the slave trade in Libya on the news and on social media was very disturbing and really rattled my brain. It broke my heart…
What’s happening in Libya is a monstrosity and it needs to be put to an end! How do you feel about this?

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