It’s the beginning of a new week and we all know what that means… On The Low Podcast has dropped a new episode! Everyone is back from holiday now so you can dry your eyes lol.
It would be weird if I didn’t say that a lot has happened in the last two weeks. From Reggie Yates stepping down from hosting this year’s Top of The Pops to Rita Ora going on a date night with the happily married Conor McGregor. Let’s see what the girls have to say about all these things…


The wait is over! Eminem is about to drop a new album called Revival after disappearing for a couple of years. The last time he dropped an album was four years ago! His fans must be jumping for joy. The track-list has got a lot of people talking. Are you excited about this album?


It seems like Reggie Yates’ interview with The Halfcast Podcast has also come back to bite him in his bum. He made some ill-considered comments that has offended some people. He apologised for his comments and followed this by stepping down from hosting Top of the Pops this year. How do you feel about his comments?


OVO Sound’s artist Roy Woods has dropped a new album called Say Less. You may know him from hit single Drama featuring Drake which was released in 2015. This album is not feature heavy as he only collaborated with PARTYNEXTDOOR, 24Hrs, PnB Rock and dvsn on 3 out of the 16 songs. Wasn’t a big fan of the actual album but I did like the songs BB, What Are You On? and Balance. What about you?


Spike Lee has decided to remake his first movie She’s Gotta Have It that hit the screens in 1986 into a Netflix series. The series is about a lady called Nola Darling who makes it very clear in the way she deals with men that she doesn’t believe in the sexual double standards. She’s very comfortable in her sexuality and doesn’t think she should be judged for this. It’s very common for a man to have multiple women on the line but it looks like the roles have been reversed in the series. I’ve heard all kinds of opinions about the remake. Some people even compared this series to Issa Rae’s comedy series Insecure and said that they are pretty much about the same thing. Hmmm I’m not sure if I agree with that… What do you think of the remake?


A lot of people were not happy with Rita Ora last week after she posted a picture of herself and the MMA fighter Conor McGregor with the caption “Date Night”. The people on Twitter and Instagram didn’t go easy on her at all.
Apparently it wasn’t meant to be taken that serious as we all know that McGregor is a happily married man and she’s in a happy relationship herself. Is the heat Rita Ora received on social media justified or are people just reading too much into the picture?

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