African Culture


When are we coming to eat Jollof? When are we going to cut a cake? These are the type of questions people bombard me with at family parties and in the church. As a Nigerian lady, I’ve noticed that if you’re in your mid 20’s and you’re not engaged or do not have a boyfriend, people will start being concerned. Read this in an African accent: ‘Ah ah, are you being too picky? Why don’t you have a boyfriend by now? Are you driving them away? It’s funny how they ask and accuse me of all these things. These are the same people that advised me to focus on getting a degree in university and not have a boyfriend because men are a distraction. So aunty, if I actually took your advice (not like it makes any difference to my current relationship status), how the hell am I supposed to be engaged right now lol? Why Is Everyone Playing Cupid?…