https://youtu.be/pFHaMtkN11g I got WAY too excited on my return back from my trip to Jamaica and “continued” to live my best life by throwing my diet out of the window.  I got a bit carried away with eating cake and had to learn the HARD way LOL. Let’s just say that my love for cake has gotten me in a bit of an issue lol.  Don’t forget to like, share, comment & subscribe for more videos! Sugars and love, CynTea x

https://youtu.be/etXCC7dwxSY Am I Bikini Ready? Can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks since I started my fitness journey! Are 7 weeks enough to have a summer body? Well, let’s see what CynTea has to say about this on this week’s fitness update. I’ll be giving you an update on my fitness journey every two weeks so make sure you hit the subscribe button to follow my fitness journey. Sugars and love, CynTea x

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG1CLFTfPBo We live baby, we live! I’ve finally done it! My first YouTube Vid is out NOW! I’ve decided to start my fitness journey (again) after falling off many times. Let’s see how I get on 😀  Make sure you hit the subscribe button to follow my fitness journey and to see the other fun and random topics I’ll be covering. Like, share, comment & subscribe for more videos! Sugars and love, CynTea x

So it’s officially Summer! It’s time to get your sunglasses, shorts and skirts out. Summer officially starts today and that means that my #60DaysUntilSunshine fitness journey has come to an end. The big question is “Has CynTea made any progress in the last 60 days or not?” The answer is yes! I actually lost some weight even though that wasn’t my aim. Started the journey weighing 91 kg and now I weigh 89 kg. My aim was to reduce my body fat percentage by burning fat around my torso and build muscle in my legs. Even though I’ve made some progress, there’s still a lot of work to be done. Week 7 & 8 My last two weeks of the fitness journey were much better than week 5 and 6. I’m back in the gym like I never left! So glad I’ve got my energy back; I’ve been squatting, deadlifting, doing HIIT cardio exercises and upper…

This is a very quick update on my #60DaysUntilSunshine fitness journey. I will be very honest with you, the past two weeks have not been too great… Week 5 I went on holiday for a festival in week 5 and you already know what that means… No gym and no healthy eating *hides face*. I tried my best by eating grilled food but that stopped after day 2 of my holiday. Junk food became my new best friend. Going on holiday involves exploring a different culture by sightseeing and eating different types of food from the country you are visiting which was Greece, in my case. With that being said, I ate loads of Greek food which consists mainly of kebab meat with pitta bread #CarbOverload. I’m a sucker for bread so I had one too many slices #Guilty. I hardly drank any water either. Was drinking alcohol straight with no chaser and had more juices and…