Fried Rice


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who makes the best Jollof rice of them all? Is it the Ghanaians, Nigerians or maybe even the pioneers of Jollof, the Senegalese? As a proud Nigerian, it’s only right to say that Nigerians make the best Jollof. But does the answer really matter? I don’t know about you but I’d rather just find out where I can eat some good Jollof than get involved with the Jollof wars. So let’s put the Jollof beef aside so I can tell you where you can eat the baddest, sweetest and most succulent Jollof in London. For those who don’t have a clue what Jollof rice is, it’s a very popular dish in West Africa which consists of rice cooked in tomatoes, onions and mixture of spices to give it a delicious, sweet and smoky taste. I’ve eaten Jollof rice in many restaurants in London, from the…