It Goes Down In The DM


I remember how a lot of people frowned upon online dating in my teenage years. In those days, you would’ve been called a desperado for using dating apps. But what do you really know about dating as a teenager? I guess you’re just too young to understand… Even in this day and age, there are still a lot of people who frown upon online dating. If you’re on Tinder, people automatically assume you’re desperately looking to have a one night stand. If you’re on MatchMaker, you’re considered to be a hopeless romantic. So what do you call the people who have found love on social media? Isn’t sliding into the DMs a form of online dating? It Goes Down In The DM! I’m sure someone has slid into your DMs before or maybe you’re guilty of doing all the sliding. Either way, I know for a fact that you’ve thought about…