Love Quotes


Have you ever met someone who felt like the one but for some reason things didn’t work out between you guys? You probably started asking yourself questions like: ‘Why is this happening to me?’ Girl, I’ve been there and it wasn’t nice at all… Lots of tears were shed and of course, hearts were broken… But I always wondered… If you’re convinced that he’s your Mr. Right, don’t you think that your situation would’ve allowed you guys to be together? And when you say Mr. Right, are you just referring to his personality or to him as a whole and everything around him? A lot of women are very quick to say ‘He’s the one!’ But is he really though? It Takes TWO To TANGO! There are a lot of Perfect Guy, Wrong Time scenarios. From your bae moving to a different country to your bae having a child with someone else. Heck, he…