Me Time


There are loads of pictures of couples on Instagram and Twitter with the caption ‘#RelationshipGoals’. When you see these pictures, you start thinking about your love life and often get lost in your thoughts. You end up asking yourself: ‘Why am I single?’ Being A Single Pringle For 4 Years It’s been nearly four years since my last serious relationship. In the past couple of years, I’ve been dating but nothing has developed into a relationship. ‘You’re single CynTea, you should go on dates and mingle!’ Yes, I agree dating can be fun. But after some time had gone by, most of us would like to take things to the next level with our potential bae. That’s when things can get tricky as you end up finding out that the guy you’re dating isn’t looking to commit. You’re clearly not on the same page so now you’ve got to start from square one again *sigh*… ‘You’re NOT A Failure!’…