Music Review


What happens when you leave three women around a 1L bottle of Spiced Captain Morgan? It becomes an episode of Cackling Women! Raised voices, unapologetic interjections, lots of laughing and let’s not forget the adlibs lol. I guess Captain Morgan just makes one very merry lol. When I say one, I’m talking about a particular lady. Hmm I wonder who that could be… WHO’S IN THE BUILDING THIS WEEK? We’re one man down this week as Jessica is currently riding a camel somewhere in the dessert of Dubai. So it was only right to invite our long lost friend Natalie to keep Jessica’s seat warm. Natalie is not a stranger to the podcast and you would know that if you’ve listened to one of our older episode Black Widow… Again! She’s a fun and bubbly lady who’s not afraid to speak her mind. Make sure you give Natalie a follow on…