As you guys already know, I’m a rookie in the blogging scene and only launched my blog back in April 2017. A friend tagged me in a tweet about the #BBBSocial and suggested that I should go to this event. For those who don’t know BBB stands for Black British Bloggers. ‘A bunch of bloggers in one building? Sounds like a good idea!’ was the thought going through my mind. So I attended my first blogging event last Saturday and I’m so glad I went. Met loads of bloggers, business owners, photographers, podcasters and the list goes on! The Speakers at #BBBSocial Besides getting the chance to network, there were talks on various topics that were optional to attend. Obviously, I attended some of the talks and took in some good information. The first speaker was Tatenda from Ubuntugraphy. He was so nice to give us tips on the best…