https://youtu.be/UU_DZlcpGwE Loving yourself isn’t as easy as it sounds. But just think about it… If you don’t love yourself, who else will?  It starts at home so you gotta love yourself all around and believe in your own sauce.  People will have an opinion about your appearance. I mean, it’s inevitable… But believe me when I say that it’s easier to deal with comments about your appearance when you’ve embraced your features.  Me and Lola hereby introduce The P.I.M.Q. Project, a visual project in which a Black Woman chooses to love herself regardless of her complexion, height and shape. Filmed & Edited by Lola (@VisualbyLollyComms on Instagram) Sugars and love, CynTea x

https://youtu.be/pFHaMtkN11g I got WAY too excited on my return back from my trip to Jamaica and “continued” to live my best life by throwing my diet out of the window.  I got a bit carried away with eating cake and had to learn the HARD way LOL. Let’s just say that my love for cake has gotten me in a bit of an issue lol.  Don’t forget to like, share, comment & subscribe for more videos! Sugars and love, CynTea x

https://youtu.be/etXCC7dwxSY Am I Bikini Ready? Can’t believe it’s been 7 weeks since I started my fitness journey! Are 7 weeks enough to have a summer body? Well, let’s see what CynTea has to say about this on this week’s fitness update. I’ll be giving you an update on my fitness journey every two weeks so make sure you hit the subscribe button to follow my fitness journey. Sugars and love, CynTea x

We did it! We’ve survived the first half of the year! I know some of you guys are thinking ‘We already crossed the border in June.’ Errm nar mate.. you didn’t. June is the sixth month in a year so you gotta get through June first in order for the half-year mark to count. Either way, we’re here now so that’s all that matters. Most of you set your goals for 2018 around last year’s New Year’s Eve. That was quite a while ago so I hope you still remember them. Did you write them down by any chance? If the answer is no, I would definitely recommend writing them down and sticking it somewhere visible so it constantly reminds you to keep working towards them. You can stick it on your wall or make your phone home screen a list of your goals… Just make sure you look at your…

Food For Thought… Have you ever gone through a period in life where everything seems to be falling into place? Picture this… You’ve got a good job, personal business is going well and your main squeeze isn’t given you an headache. Life can’t get any better than this right? To watch things fall into place is one of the best feelings ever! ‘Life is good’ becomes your favourite slogan. However, things can change for the worst in a blink of an eye. How do you deal with life when it takes a toll on itself? Do you just complain about your problems? That’s where the quote ‘When life gives you lemons, make lemonade’ comes into play. Everyone knows that life’s a bitch. It isn’t scared to hand you some lemons when things are going well for you. Beyoncé’s album Lemonade touched on this quote. Her album was about a bunch…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG1CLFTfPBo We live baby, we live! I’ve finally done it! My first YouTube Vid is out NOW! I’ve decided to start my fitness journey (again) after falling off many times. Let’s see how I get on 😀  Make sure you hit the subscribe button to follow my fitness journey and to see the other fun and random topics I’ll be covering. Like, share, comment & subscribe for more videos! Sugars and love, CynTea x

Do you think that you deserve the best in a relationship? You’re probably thinking ‘Duh, why is CynTea asking such a stupid question?’ Well, there’s always a good reason why I ask these questions. And now that you’ve answered ‘YES’ to this question, I’ve got another one for you:  ‘Have you ever been in a relationship where you keep going through the same ups and downs over and over again?’ Hold that thought and picture this… You’re in a relationship. You and bae are really enjoying each other in all the ways you can think of. Heck, it feels like you guys are back in the honeymoon stage of the relationship. Nothing can go wrong at this point, right? But as soon as things are going very well, one particular thing keeps happening that just ruins the vibe between you guys. It’s like one day you’re really good and on another…