This Is Us


Pinch punch, it’s the first Monday of a brand new month! We’re back with a new episode. There’s been a lot happening this week. From the Libyan slave trade to the Grammy Nominations. Let’s see what everyone had to say about this… WHO’S IN THE BUILDING THIS WEEK? Whilst Jessica is still recovering from riding camels in Dubai, I’m somewhere eating Gouda cheese in The Netherlands and living my life like it’s golden. So you’ve only got one co-host to entertain you this week but Yvette did invite two guests to keep her company. Natalie was back in the building who isn’t a stranger to the podcast. Give her a follow on Twitter @NatThePhoenix. We also had Travis Jay come in who’s known to be a triple threat; he’s a comedian, a host and a radio personality. Make sure you give him a follow on Twitter @TravisJayent to find out…