What can I say? Portugal was a blast! I went on holiday in April 2017 to Albufeira in Portugal with 5 friends to celebrate my friend’s 29th birthday. The group of friends consists of 2 guys and 4 girls. I’ve never been on holiday with a mixed crowd. Only travelled with girls in the past. The testosterone definitely balanced it out. I can’t stop reminiscing about the good times. The weather was beautiful. The temperature was just right, about 23 degrees which isn’t too hot or too cold. It was hot enough to catch a tan as I’m still glowing as we speak #MelaninPoppin. The food was nice and we got to taste fresh fruit growing from our garden in the Airbnb villa we stayed in. To top everything up, the people were really nice and friendly. The customer service we experienced in Portugal was terrific! It’s definitely a place you can travel to over and over again.

There are enough activities to do in Portugal. Here are some activities that kept us busy:

Fruit picking

In our accommodation, we were lucky to have a garden full of trees bearing fruits. Felt like I was in the Garden of Eden. The fruit were fresh and sweet! It tastes much better than the fruit they sell here in the UK. The climate in Portugal is good enough to grow them in the natural way. We most definitely took advantage of this and ate some sweet juicy oranges. It’s weird sitting at the pool without a drink in your hand so we sliced a couple lemons, picked a few mint leaves from the lovely garden and made some homemade cocktails.


The love I have for food is indescribable. I’m a real foodie and love tasting food from different cultures. The Portuguese are known for fish. Tasted a lot of fish out there and was very impressed. I’m not really a fish lover but I can say that the best salmon I have ever eaten was in Portugal. Just the thought of it is making me hungry.

Also got the opportunity to eat Portuguese steak. Don’t like my meat bloody so got it medium well. It was served with funny looking potato discs covered in gravy. One word to describe this meal: Succulent!

Cave Tour

This was one of the most amazing activities I have ever done in my life! The weather even made the tour better. The sea was glistening as the sun was at its peak.
When we were queuing up to get on the boat tour, we got the chance to see how fast the boats were moving through the waves on the sea. I kid you not, I was really scared and was feeling to opt out but I’m glad I went ahead with it. We got the opportunity to enter the famous Benagil cave which has a hole in the roof. There were people who were brave enough to swim from the beach to some of the nearby caves . If you are a pro at swimming and know how to swim through waves, by all means, swim to the caves. But if you are looking to take nice pictures and enjoy the scenery, then get on the boat like we did and tour from cave to cave. This is definitely a must do in Portugal!

Nightlife at the strip

It was litty! There are so many clubs to choose from on the strip. Promoters approach you from left, right and centre to get you to come to their club. All the clubs are blasting music so you end up hearing different songs at the same time. It was so loud that we ended up twerking and dancing on the street. The loud music made it hard to choose which club we wanted to go to so we did a little bar crawl until we ended up in a club that was playing Hip Hop and R & B all night.  We met a lot of English people out there who were either in Portugal for a stag or hen do. It’s free entry for all clubs so all you have to do is bring some cash to keep the drinks flowing. And for the shisha lovers, there are shisha pipes available in some clubs to smoke some hookah.

Beach trips

Luckily there is a beach that is only a 15-minute walk from our accommodation! How handy is that?! One tip I can give you guys about choosing the perfect accommodation is this: Location is key! The villa we stayed in was very handy because we were close to the restaurants, the shops and the beach. You don’t want to be too far away from the town centre or even the beach. The beach was clean and the colour of the sea was turquoise. It looked better than the sea in Margate lol. Me and my girls were walking in our bikinis on the beach like models on the runway enjoying the hot weather.

On our last day, we went to the famous Marina Beach in Vilamoura. Had our last supper at a nice Thai restaurant. The food was amazeballs and the customer service was superb! We ended our trip with a nice stroll on the beach before heading to the airport.

All in all, Portugal was amazing! I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy it. This holiday showed me that the people you choose to go on holiday with really determine whether you’re going to enjoy it or not. I’ve been on holidays before with friends but it was for festivals which involves a lot of partying so whether you get along with someone or not, you’ll still have a good time. This holiday was very reserved and it was more about exploring the city with a group of friends. The company you keep around you can really impact your mood. If you choose the wrong people, you can end up wanting to go home early. Glad no one felt like this. We all wanted to stay longer. I’m all for having fun and having a great laugh with a bunch of friends.

So would I go to Portugal again? Most definitely! You should go too. You’ll love it!

Sugars and love,

CynTea x



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  1. Cyn. You have gassed me. I’m going to Portugal next month and I cannot wait ! I love your blogs and your style of writing girl !

  2. I love your blogs Cynthia! You describe your experiences so eloquently. This one makes me wanna dash off to Portugal right away?

    • CynTea Reply

      Thank you Poppy 🙂 yes, you should definitely travel to Portugal. You’ll love it!

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