Every year, me and my girls go on a holiday to let our hair down and party hard. Raving overseas is more fun so it’s only right to travel once a year to different destinations for a festival or just to turn all the way up.
We’ve gone on many trips in the past. We’ve crossed the Atlantic Ocean to party in Cancun, Mexico for Spring Break and we’ve partied in Croatia at the Fresh Island Festival to just name a few.

This year’s destination was Zante, Greece. We went for the Zante Shutdown Festival in May 2017 that lasted for five days. And what can I say? Carry on reading to find out the Greek experience.

Day parties at the pool

The first event to kick off the festival was the 90’s Themed Pool Party. The music was loud as  you could hear it from the beach. It was on point! Some of us started dancing on the beach before we got to the party. The DJ was playing Old Skool Bashment songs and you already know what that means: a lot of dancing and twerking. When we got there, all we saw was people standing around the pool and people sitting on cabanas around the pool. Not many people were in the pool, but I don’t really blame the girls for not stepping in the pool as water and weave doesn’t mix. I do need to start getting my skin wet on holidays and jumping in the pool more often as my hair always stops me from having fun lol. But that’s another topic for another day.

‘Why are people not dancing?’ was the first question that struck my mind. Anybody who knows me well, knows how much I love to dance. The setting was right; all the things needed to throw a good party was present: a pool, nice weather, drinks and most importantly there was music! What more do you need to start dancing?


There were a few groups of people scattered around the pool that were dancing. The girls and I stopped paying attention to the people playing Musical Statues around the pool and joined one group of girls who came to party. We know how much we spent on our tickets so there was no way we were going to stand at the pool with everyone else. Thank the Lord, the music was on point so we danced, had fun and made the most of it.

When you go on holiday and the vibe doesn’t seem the way you want it to be, don’t leave the event or join everyone else and stand still. Just have fun with your girls and dance! I even caught a cold out there but that didn’t stop me from having fun. The vibe was pretty much the same at every pool party we attended but we made to most out of it and still had a good time.

Pool Games and Dance-Offs

To liven up the party, the reps and MCs got people to participate in different games at the pool parties. And I tell you what, that was very entertaining to watch and livened up the place. They got people to play water games and participate in the Lip Sync battle. Oh and the best part was the Limbo Contest and the Dance-Off. They got girls and BOYS to participate with the Limbo Contest at the Rep Your Country Pool Party. I like it when guys get involved with activities instead of “standing against the wall and acting too cool to dance”.

The dance-off at the 90’s Themed Pool Party was quite entertaining as well. Three words to describe the Dance-Off: Young, Wild and Free lol! If you have me on Snapchat or Instagram, you know exactly what I’m talking about and you would have seen what my eyes saw. I think some people misinterpreted the Dance-Off for a strip contest lol. A girl started stripping her bikini off instead of dancing and was pretty much naked. Thank God, she kept her underwear on. The stripping and twerking got too much as the days went by to the point where the MCs kindly requested for everyone to keep their clothes on lol.

We Like To Party!

So as well as partying during the day, we partied every night! You need to have stamina for these type of holidays because there’s no time to do an 8-hour sleeping shift since most parties end at 5 am or 7 am. If you love to sleep, I would advise you to think twice about going on a party holiday lol.
All the day and night parties had a theme attached to it. There was an All-White Party, Casino Royale Party, Lingerie/Pyjama Party just to name a few. It was nice seeing people stick to the theme.

There were MCs on the stage who were hyping up the crowd. If you love bashment like I do, you would have enjoyed the music and especially the perfomances.
Even Tim Westwood flew over to spin some songs on the decks. He never fails when it comes to partying! Every DJs was on job and came to deliver. They played bashment more than any other genre at the festival.
We might as well just say that Zante Shutdown is a Jamaican festival in Greece lol. Even I felt like I had Jamaican blood flowing through my veins the way I was dancing to the music. I looked like a Jamaican with my yellow and black bikini at the Rep Your country Pool Party lol. I guess I wore the wrong bikini lol.

They got three Jamaican artists and one UK artist to perform at the night parties. Kranium was the first to take the stage on the first night at the All-White Party. He performed his bangers Nobody Has To Know, Lifestyle and We Can. It’s a shame Tory Lanez got taken off the bill because it would have been nice to see him perform the song We Can with Kranium. Now that would have been lit! Despite Tory Lanez’s absence, Kranium’s performance was entertaining and to make things more fun, he invited girls up on the stage for a “dance”. That was a hell of a dance I tell ya lol!

On the third night at the Casino Royale Party, the UK artist Big Zeeks started the party by performing his hot single Yo.
Straight after, Popcaan blessed the stage and performed for ages. He started off singing his old stuff. Everybody was singing along like a choir in a church. From Party Shot to Way Up to his verse on Controlla. The girls knew how much I was looking forward to seeing him perform his verse on Controlla. Now that was my highlight of the festival!

Last but not least, Tony Matterhorn performed his songs Dutty Wine and Goodas Fi Dem. He’s a DJ as well as an artist so he jumped  on the decks and started spinning some tunes. This was my favourite night in Zante.

Zante ShutDown is NOT a SCAM!

Spoke to some people who were meant to go the festival after securing a ticket by paying the deposit. I asked them why they didn’t end up going and they said that they weren’t 100% sure if the festival was real. That’s a bit strange because there was a Zante Shutdown Festival last year in 2016 which should be enough evidence to proof that it’s a real event, right?

When they explained their reasons for not going, I could see where they were coming from. They felt like the website had minimum information and they were confused as to why the radio was still playing the old advert with Tory Lanez on the line up. I can see why this can cause confusion as the information was not aligned the same in all places.

All I can say is, Zante Shutdown isn’t a SCAM. This is not “College Link Up” which was a fake rave in 2008 that never happened! It’s a real event as I was there live in flesh. But to avoid people from doubting the event, it might be worth promoting the same information everywhere so nobody can doubt the brand.


Besides partying, we indulged in some lovely Greek food. One thing we noticed straight away is that the Greeks love their pitta bread! We ate way too much bread #CarbOverload.

The customer service we experienced in the restaurants was amazing. There was one particular restaurant we visited and the staff spoilt us! On top of the meals we ordered, they served us free bread with soft cheese. They surprised us with a free starter which was a flaming halloumi cheese with more bread. The presentation of the starter was so cool!

That wasn’t the end of it… After we had our mains, they served us a cocktail on the house! I don’t know how I made space in my stomach for all of this but there’s no way I was saying no to a free cocktail! I was so STUFFED. The walk back to the hotel was a bit of a struggle. The service we experienced was too good so we couldn’t resist but to go back the next day! We got the exact same service as the day before but this time they also performed a Greek dance for us.

All in all, we had a good time in Zante even though the weather wasn’t the hottest temperature. We enjoyed the festival and got the opportunity to bond as well. So would I recommend going to the Zante Shutdown festival or just Zante to explore the city?
Yes, why not! Just make sure you go when the weather is at its peak to avoid catching a cold like me and make sure you have fun regardless of the vibe at the parties.

Sugars and love,

CynTea x




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